January 2021

Weed & Working Out

Reposted from Nature The stereotypical image of a cannabis smoker is someone who sprawls on the sofa for hours surrounded by a haze of smoke and half-eaten snacks. The scene is played up for laughs in films, but social psychologist Angela Bryan thought it could be cause for concern. After all, cannabis is known to …

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Why Cannabis Stocks Could Go Parabolic in 2021

Reposted fromhttps://www.fool.ca/2021/01/08/why-cannabis-stocks-could-go-parabolic-in-2021/ I think 2021 could turn out to be eerily similar to 2018 in the world of cannabis stocks. That’s right — the same 2018 that saw valuations skyrocket amid hysteria in the hyper-growth sector in Canada. Valuations are still high, but there is lots of room for optimism right now around marijuana stocks. …

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