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About MUSE
Muse is a boutique cannabis retailer providing a comfortable customer experience where guests are guided by knowledgeable staff. Muse is looking for the right person to join a growing team that provides a high-end retail experience combined with knowledge to the cannabis retail community.
MUSE is a market leader in the BC’s emerging Cannabis industry our down location is one of three MUSE stores. The growth of the people within the MUSE family will be fostered through the company’s paid professional development, which includes courses and conferences.
MUSE Cannabis is currently seeking a security cleared Wayfarer (Cannabis Customer Experience Representative) for our Downtown Granville St. location. You will live our Purpose of:  Inspiring a journey of discovery and perspective through Cannabis.
The Ideal Candidate:
You a proven leader with an interest in Cannabis and a passion for the service industry as a whole. You have a positive attitude and the ability to be a team player and energize a team. You are an effective communicator with the ability to share knowledge with our team and guests. Known for your passion for customer service, you are complimented on your ability to create a ‘wow’ experience for customers.
The MUSE values: Caring, Learning, Humility, Family
Does this sound like you?

Key Responsibilities

    • Engaging with guests on the sales floor by establishing rapport and educating guests based on your understanding of the plant, its active ingredients, and how they work in the body.
    • Establish rapport with guests and identify their purpose for using cannabis. Whether it is for pain relief, recreation, etc. Be able to make recommendations based on the guest’s desired use.
    • Receiving orders, stocking, cash handling
    • Executing all daily tasks and merchandising needs while ensuring guest experience is first priority
    • Sharing concerns, observations and positive feedback with the manager on a weekly basis and communicating clearly and effectively with all guests
    • Ensuring cleanliness, effective lighting and music level of the retail environment meets MUSE standards and all shelves are stocked and faced.


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